Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uncle Bob or.... Sweat Sweat Sweat

Uncle Bob... I don't have an Uncle Bob.... actually it turns out I DO have an Uncle Bob but that is an entirely different story which is convoluted and sad and does not serve the purpose of this blog so I will leave it alone.
Here is the story of Uncle Bob:Dad and I would go on hikes in the woods. I dont'remember how often, I don't remember how far, I don't remember where.... and when you think of it, none of the above really matters. What matters is that I spent time with my Dad, walking around making memories. As children do, after awhile I would become tired or bored and want to turn around or stop... Dad always kept up a nonsensical banter. He was/is a funny guy and I wish I could relay to you through writing the funny things he would physically do.... I remember many a time that my Mom would get mad/annoyed at him because she was serious about something and he was being goofy... which is hillarious because Mitsuko of gets mad/annoyed with me because I can't seem to be serious sometimes. I am my Father's Son. So anyway on the hike I would basically start dragging ass and suddenly I would get a boot in the butt.... from Uncle Bob. I would know it was Uncle Bob because right after the boot in the butt, Day would say reproachfully: "Uncle Bob!!" We would be walking along... say I am to the right of my Father and he would kick with his left foot behind his right leg, booting me in the butt. So then we would talk about Uncle Bob and how silly he was for running up and kicking me in the butt and what I would do if I caught him etc... so this in turn completely distracted me from the fact that I was hot, tired, and ready to quit. He could get at least another mile out of me that way.... and when things got really "rough" for me on the hike he would sing the "Sweat Sweat Sweat" song... Vicki I am sure remembers this song and I unfortunately am unable to relay to you the silliness of it nor how he would always end each verse with a rasberry.... He ended alot of things with a rasberry and often a little jump to go along with it.... *sigh* "Sweat Sweat Sweat we all like to sweat, sweat sweat sweat, we ALL like to sweat HOOOOO sweat sweat sweat we all like to sweat oh sweat sweat sweat..... thrrrpppbpb"

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  1. Such a great memory! Thanks for sharing that!